“Self –Care” is the new black (the hottest trend, new fad or style of the moment) - by Shelly MacGregor

Shelly: Let’s be honest, there is nothing trendy with the idea of taking care of yourself.
It is not a fad to eat a balanced meal, sleep 8 hours or move your body in an attempt to care for yourself. What self-care is not, is another demand to keep up with society or even try to be better at it than your insta-followers.

As we move into the month of indulgence and celebrations I want to ask you: how do you describe self-care? Is self-care a simple bubble bath or lighting a candle at the end of the day to recognize your heart's gratitude?
Most of us feel like our tank is empty at the end of the day, some would reflect and wonder when it was last full. We drain ourselves with to-do lists, external and internal pressures, demands, and time restraints; all while trying to be perfect or at least completing all we said we would.

Here are two great businesses helping us live a life of wellness. They offer one-on-one coaching or information about what it means to live with self-care in mind. Call them, have a chat and see if they can help you forget about setting New Year’s resolutions or fads that you won’t stick to, but instead offer you a mindful way to help yourself live with an intention of wellness now and forever.

1.      My name is Justine & I’m a friend of Shelly’s. 

Reboot with Real Foods: rebootwithrealfoods.com

Justine Brown

(705) 571-3021

I’m in the business of inspiring people to love food. Specifically ‘real food’. The kind that isn’t packaged or processed.

Most people think they would be happier if they were to lose some excess pounds. When I drill down into this with clients, "happier" means: feeling more confident, having more energy to do, the stuff they want to do and looking more attractive.

In the quest to lose pounds, most people embark on multiple frustrating trips on the diet roller coaster. Some of these diets work...but only temporarily. Eventually the diet is ‘over’ and the slow creep back up the scale begins all over again.

The problem is that when you focus on eating to lose weight, food becomes a means to an end.

I work with my clients to turn that thinking on its head.

We focus instead on making real food delicious and something to celebrate. We systematically figure out what foods make you feel good and full of energy. We discover what foods you love and build from there. Clients ditch the old love-hate relationship with food.

The result: you’ll feel forever comfortable with your body and won't even care that the scale tells you that you're losing weight. What you will care about is that you feel full of energy, good health ready to tackle new adventures.

Diets are designed as a one-size-fits-all solution. What if instead of that kind of off-the-shelf solution you could be part of a program that was customized for you as you went through it? That came with built-in accountability and support? What if, instead of getting frustrated and suffering, and still ending up where you started, you could invest the time & money to get where you want to be and stay there? Forever.

The program that I’m offering will take you through this transformational process - and I really want to know if this is something you could benefit from.

This week, I’m opening up a few spots on my calendar to do weight-loss (life-changing) strategy sessions.

These are custom “breakthrough” consults for people who want to feel fantastic, look amazing and never diet again...

I can’t guarantee how much longer any spots will be open, but I can tell you this:

If you want the next 3 months to look different from the last 3 months and you see an opportunity in talking together, book your spot here before they’re gone.

I’m not sure if I’ll do this again anytime soon.

Talk soon!


2.      Hi I am Sandra Bueckert, the owner of One on One Personal Fitness Instruction, where Shelly and some of her team have trained:

Call 403.244.9059
#16, 880-16 Ave SW

At One On One, we believe that a healthy body is:

       Well rested
       Fed on a regular basis
       Treated with respect
       Taken for exercise
       Nourished and not starved
       Listened to
       What you deserve

We're celebrating our 28th year, and more than ever, we believe our approach is still in vogue. Our focus is to provide our clients with private, One On One fitness instruction. No fashion shows, no meat market, no pushing a membership. You and your fitness are our focus.

So who exactly comes to One On One? Simply put, you do. Our members come to us from all stages of life, all fitness levels and all sizes. Our oldest client is a spry 78 years old. You'll encounter mothers (some while pregnant) and daughters, fathers and sons, husbands and wives working out in our studio. We've worked with our clients through marriages, deaths, divorces, aging parents, health changes, downward turns in the economy, career changes and more. You become a part of our One On One family. As the owner, it's unusual for me not to know a member in our studio. Calgary,  thank you for the last 28 years and thank you for making us your second home.


Sandra Bueckert, Danny Arnold, Codrut Curteanu, Barnabas Sado

Email oneononefitness@shaw.ca to get a FREE Consultation with Sandra! She will be sure to go over all your personal options and set you up with tailored plan so you can be on your way to reaching your goals.
We are celebrating 27 years in business!
3. Fill your tank with these solutions: 
Meditation - Are you having difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep? Do you wake up feeling unrefreshed? Perhaps you’ve noticed that your ability to function effectively is diminished or that you’re feeling tired and irritable a lot of the time. You may be suffering from insomnia. Short-term or transient insomnia is quite common and usually resolves by itself. However, insomnia is considered chronic if it persists beyond a few weeks. https://www.artofliving.org/meditation/meditation-for-you/meditation-and-insomnia
 Recover from Stress -Although you may feel that the level of stress in your life is a major factor that’s preventing you from achieving wellness, stress in and of itself is not actually the problem. According to Tal Ben-Shahar, it is not stress that is the issue, but the lack of recovery from stress on a physical, emotional, and psychological level. He provides an excellent illustration of this point by giving the analogy of weight training at the gym – during the act of weight lift training, you are putting stress on your muscles and breaking them down. Nonetheless, this stress is positive, as it is allowing you to grow stronger each time you train. However, the problem would begin to arise if you didn’t allow your muscles adequate time to recover – if you began to lift and lift weights over and over again every few minutes without a break, overtraining and exhausting yourself. Thus, much like the breaks we implement for weight training at the gym, in order to achieve wellness we must implement recovery time and breaks to help us cope with the stress of our daily lives. http://www.mcgill.ca/wellness/contributors-wellness/recover-stress

Shelly MacGregor is the Owner of Apex Massage Therapy Ltd. and the Founder of Spagoes and Spa 901 in Fernie BC


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