#LoveYYC Day - Saturday, November 4th

Why we love this city! 

We are privileged to live in a great city!  It is not a surprise that Calgary has been voted several times in the last few years as one of the best cities in the world to live in.

We couldn’t agree more! As a business operating in this city since 1994 (for over 23 years now) we are being reminded every day how privileged we are to work with such a wonderful and loyal group of clients. We truly love you!

Apex is fortunate to work with and care for a very diverse and multicultural base of clients. This broadens our horizons and teaches us tolerance, we learn from you!

Calgary's constantly growing population is very self aware, active, health conscious and passionate about well-being. We love caring for and treating our “weekend warriors” participating in all kind of activities the weekend or day before!

We encourage you to join in! Let others know why you love this city! Get engaged, shop locally and become an advocate for the city you live in!  #LoveYYC


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