"Does massage therapy have an effect on muscle growth?" - our RMT Jared Isaac answers one of the questions submitted by our clients.

Jared: Research has proven that massage therapy can help the recovery cycle of muscle growth and can actually improve the range of motion of soft tissues and joints. Massage therapy reduces the recovery time of soft tissues by promoting improved circulation to damaged muscles. Massage therapy can also greatly increase the flexibility of soft tissues with the breaking of adhesions. 

Massage after an intense workout affects two different but specific genes within the muscle cell. As a result of working out, your muscles will produce and inflammatory response, massage has been proven to decrease this inflammation and help eliminate lactic acid build up. This greatly reduces soreness within damaged muscle tissues. The second gene affected is the mitochondria of the cell. Mitochondria use oxygen and the broken down proteins of food to generate energy needed by our muscle cells. Massage has been proven to flush muscles of blood and lactic acid in turn being replenished with new oxygenated blood, proteins and minerals increasing mitochondria production. 

All in all massage therapy itself will not help your muscles grow, however it can greatly affect the overall recovery time of muscles increasing the potential for muscle growth as well as improving the elasticity/flexibility/range of motion of muscles and fascia of the body. Massage therapy will break up individual muscle fibers that are "stuck” together, as well as separating superficial and deep muscles from each other allowing independent movement, improved flexibility and range of motion which is essential for optimal muscle growth. 

Jared is a massage therapist accredited to his 2200 hour training and is on his way to 3000. He likes to incorporate different massage techniques into his treatments combining deep tissue techniques, therapeutic techniques and relaxation techniques into his massage. He wants to ensure each client receives a  massage catered to their individual  and specific needs. Jared is a big promoter of health and fitness which continues his drive to help clients to feel and function their best. 


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