"Are you tired all the time? - 5 possible causes; try these 3 lifestyle changes and then seek medical advice" by Shelly MacGregor

Are you tired all the time? 

Make simple changes and then rule out serious illness:

You know that feeling when you wake up, get going and start asking “why am I tired I just got out of bed”? Or is it midday when you search for a sugar high to boost your energy because you can barely keep your eyes open? We have all felt like something needs to change because we feel tired every day. It is time to give yourself permission to try a few lifestyle changes for the next 3 weeks and if nothing changes, seek medical advice to rule out more serious illnesses (CFS, Depression, Anemia, Thyroid disease, Diabetes, Sleep Apnea to name a few from the website www.prevention.com)
The first thing we need to look at is why we might be feeling tired.

5 Causes:

·         Less than 8 hours of sleep leaves us wanting more
·         High fat foods make us feel tired minutes after consumption
·         Highly processed foods disturb sleep patterns and they don’t provide the body with vitamin and minerals needed for a healthy lifestyle
·        Lack of exercise deprives the body movement
·         Prolonged stress produces hormones that leave us exhausted

Feeling tired stops us from exercising; contributes to our bad food choices and often causes us to sleep less – cycle repeats.

Simple changes:

Let’s start now – 3 Solutions to eliminating exhaustion:

1.      Fall into bed earlier than yesterday - without technology. More and more studies are not needed to tell us our brains are active when we are on technology. We need to calm, slow and relax our thoughts before bed. A new ritual is needed. Try it for 3 weeks – no screens in bed and see if you sleep better. Read more from Arianna Huffington’s book “sleep science that is revealing the vital role sleep plays in our every waking moment and every aspect of our health – from weight gain, diabetes, and heart disease to cancer and Alzheimer’s.”

2.      One thing needs to be added into your diet – fiber! If you add high fiber foods into your meals, you will add complex carbohydrates and whole grains at the same time. It is fiber that will help your body slowly absorb your healthy choices, resulting in a more balance release of energy over time.

3.      Exercise doesn’t mean 90 minutes of gym time! It means walking 10,000 steps. You ask how far or long is that – it is about one hour of walking. Strategies to do this: park further away from work; walk to the grocery store or park 10 blocks away, walk there and back; take the stairs; walk your dog for an hour or take your neighbor’s dog for a walk; drop the kids off at their event and go for a walk instead of watching them or sitting in our car. Turn off Netflix for one hour and go for a walk in your neighborhood tonight.
If you go outside to accomplish these steps, you will also take in vitamin D. 10 – 15 minutes of sun exposure gives you your daily Vitamin D needs. It is suggested that symptoms of fatigue are eliminated when Vitamin D levels are increased to normal levels.

Just saying “I have been so busy” makes me feel tired. Let’s start saying “I have been so productive”. By adding these three self-care changes into our lives for three weeks, we are taking back our energy and claiming our health. Empower yourself to rest, restore with food choices and walk our way to a better level of energy.

Shelly MacGregor is the Owner of Apex Massage Therapy Ltd. and the Founder of Spagoes and Spa 901 in Fernie BC.


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