"What is a knot?" and "Why are you working an area that is not in the area I feel the pain?" Our RMT Jerri-Lyn Chisholm answers questions submitted by our clients.

Jerri-Lyn: A knot is multiple muscle fibers and fascia that have started to adhere together. They cause tenderness and tension in a certain area of the body. Certain postures, repetitive movements, lifestyle choices can cause these adhesions to form. Stretching, drinking more water, massage and focusing on proper body movements can help get rid of these adhesions and prevent them from forming in the future.

Why are you working an area that is not in the area I feel the pain?

Jerri-Lyn: The body is a whole working unit. When one thing is unbalanced/tight the whole unit is affected. So if you come in with lower back pain there are many areas that can affect it such as the hamstrings being tight which is pulling your hips back causing tension in the low back which could also be affecting your shoulders. That is just one example there are many other possible scenarios which is why we have you fill out a health history form and ask questions/assess before treatment.   

Jerri-Lyn has been a massage therapist for over two years. She has been very active in numerous sports throughout her life and continues to stay active. 
As a therapist she enjoys being involved in the process of helping people restore their bodies and improve their quality of life.
Future goal for Jerri-Lyn is to obtain her  certifications in lymphatic drainage and visceral massage to enhance her abilities to help others.


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