" How much should treatment hurt? " Our RMT Haylee Lynch answers one of the questions submitted by our clients.

Haylee: This all depends on the client, their pain tolerance and the type of treatment they want to receive. A relaxation massage should not be painful for the client at all. 
During a therapeutic or deep tissue massage, pain and discomfort are more common. Pain occurs when the therapist is trying to target deeper muscles and release adhesions or trigger points.
I advise all my clients that pain should never go over a 5-7 on a pain scale of 0-10, 10 being the highest. The discomfort should be enough that a client is still able to breathe through the pain.
It is very important that the client and therapist communicate throughout the treatment to make sure the proper amount of pressure is being used to get the needed results. It is very common to feel some soreness 1-3 days after a deep/therapeutic massage.
Haylee graduated with a 3000 hour diploma in massage therapy. She has experience with techniques such as Deep tissue, Cyriax frictions, Myofascial release, and Trigger points. She chose a career in massage therapy because she believes that massage is very important to ones physical and mental health and is very passionate about helping every client that walks into the clinic to get back to feeling their greatest. She enjoys anything to do with being out on the water, yoga and cycling.


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