What does staying connected actually mean to you? - by Shelly MacGregor

Shelly MacGregor: It was over coffee a couple weeks ago that a friend shared some results of a questionnaire that was given to girls around the age of 15. The questions were based on what skills would these girls like to learn from a confidence building course. One of the revelations discovered was the girls were hoping to learn ways to get their parents off their phones.

Is this is a surprise to you?

It was to me. I have witnessed parenting techniques to help control the children’s use by scheduling time on technology or using the iPad to pass the time while travelling, or a distraction while we have an adult moment, or replacing the time we use to watch a TV program together but are we limiting our adult time online to form relationships, create memories through emotion and build social connection with the most important people in our lives?

This article articulates what we may not be providing to each other but are finding online.

John Brandon at INC shares:

“Micro-feedback taps into o…

"Top three benefits of a monthly massage" - by Shelly MacGregor

Shelly MacGregor: You want to be more flexible, reduce stress hormones that age us faster, relax more, feel better in your body, increase circulation and actively reduce pain and muscle tension?

Of course you do! And you can do all of these while laying on a massage table once a month!
Top three benefits of a monthly massage:1.Treatment for headaches and migraines: “Compared to control participants, massage participants exhibited greater improvements in migraine frequency and sleep quality during the intervention weeks and the 3 follow-up weeks. Trends for beneficial effects of massage therapy on perceived stress and coping efficacy were observed. During sessions, massage induced decreases in state anxiety, heart rate, and cortisol.” They also had fewer occurrences of migraine headaches as opposed to the respondents who did not have a full body massage. The effects of the said full body massage lasted up to three weeks. Experts highly recommend people who regularly experience migraine h…

"What is ART (Active Release Technique)" - our RMT Kelly Thomas answers one of the the questions submitted by our clients.

Kelly: Do you have a job or hobby that requires you to do the same motion over and over again, causing you pain and tension? Do you have an old injury that never fully healed? Has your stretching, exercise program or athletic performance plateaued? Sometimes after an injury, frequent repetitive movements or years of poor posture, muscles can become "stuck" to each other and surrounding tissues. This can lead to reduced mobility, poor circulation and pain. Fortunately, there's a treatment technique that can accelerate your progress and get you back to proper functioning: Active Release!

ART (Active Release Technique) is a soft tissue treatment method that breaks up adhesions and increases tissue mobility.
In other words, ART works on muscles, tendons, fascia and nerves to break up scar tissue and allow tissues to glide over each other more smoothly. This results in better mobility, increased circulation, and decreased pain.
ART is most commonly used by chiroprac…

Interview with Meeghan Mackenzie, one of our therapists at Apex

I sat down for a cup of tea with Meeghan a couple of weeks ago. We talked about her early days at Apex, her passion for massage therapy and music as well as her hopes for Zimbabwe, where she comes from. Apex:Meeghan, what motivated you to become a massage therapist?MM: My motivation for Massage Therapy definitely came from competitive sports! I was a competitive gymnast growing up and competed at a pretty high level. When you train so much and for so many hours (39 weekly) you have a support group around you: coaches, your physios, massage therapists, chiropractors and different health care professionals that you see.
I used to go to Lindsay Park, which is now Repsol; I used to go to Panther’s Sports Medicine there, and I had a physiotherapist there who I thought was just a superhero! I thought she had the best job in the world, because she used to get to come into the club sometimes and when I would go to Lindsay Park with my dad and I would meet so many athletes from the Calgary Flames…

Unplug YYC - National Day of Unplugging March 9-10 2018

Last year we saw Arianna Huffington speak and she spoke of the moment (her jump point) when her most productive life came crashing down. She spoke about the rush we get from constant demands and the dose of adrenaline from getting your to-do list complete. She referred to her complete exhaustion, fainting in her home and the realization that 4 – 6 hours a night of sleep was nothing to brag about.

Have you experienced total exhaustion?

Do you feel anxious when there isn’t a demand on you?

Does your brain ever shut down or do you feel guilty for putting yourself in a time out?

“Though this is a global epidemic, the solutions Thrive Global will bring will be localized and rooted in the philosophy and ancient wisdom of different cultures and regions. In China, there’s Taoism and the philosophy of Yin Yang, which teaches usto go out to achieve and return inward to refuel. In Japan, there’s the aesthetic of Ma, about the awareness and appreciation of creating space in one’s life. In India, ther…

Dreaming of having a massage at work?

The benefits of having a wellness program at work are many, but by simply having a professional offer chair massage to you and your co-workers during work hours boosts morale, decreases stress hormones, you enjoy 15 minutes of quiet time but the massage is stimulating and invigorating.

The convenience of the registered massage therapists coming to your work while each person leaves their clothes on during the massage, allows for any office to offer this service within hours of operation. The therapist is registered, a receipt is offered per person for reimbursement or companies can expense this time as team building. The massage can be performed anywhere, any time and on pretty much anyone.

Bring Massage to the People:
Each person is scheduled for 15-30 minutes and will experience a combination of deep tissue, acupressure, stretching and percussion techniques. Our fancy mobile massage chair is used and the techniques bring warmth to the superficial tissue of the body and increase blo…